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Leading manufacturer of traps for monitoring insects and rodents

GEA is an international company that produces tools and systems for the disinfestation, rodent control, Vocational Pest Control and the Urban Pest Control.

Since 1994, when the company was established, the mission of GEA is to create safe and healthy indoor environments, for individuals and businesses, by developing products for disinfestation and pest control. The entire production cycle, which has determined for 21 years the success of GEA,  is based on a very precise production philosophy, strictly oriented to the Made in Italy. All products are entirely manufactured in Italy, with the aim to ensure to the customer that all the raw material suppliers are well known producers and, consequently, to assure them the quality of the products they buy from the beginning, thanks to the total control of the supply chain (supply chain).

Thanks to an internal quality department at its disposal, GEA works for real and rapid management Non Conformities.

Thanks to the competence and efficiency that distinguishes GEA’s systems and products for pest control, the company has built a network of loyal suppliers who after years have become real "partners", cementing the company's success over time.

The GEA’s way of operating of and its flexibility and production quality, have been appreciated by customers, and today GEA can claim a customers portfolio throughout Europe.