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Mouse and Rat Trap Line

In all those cases where the use of rodenticides is not recommended for people and non-target animals' health, the use of glue traps for mice (refill boards, trays, glue traps cardboard, etc.) for the management of rodent infestations becomes practically indispensable.

GEA's mouse and rat line is designed to meet this need. With it's large variety of sizes and shapes it will ensure high performances in any condition. Every trap in this line of products offers the perfect solution for environments, such as food factories, warehouses, hospitals, etc., but also urban environments, as apartment blocks and offices, and all those situations where products for human and animal nutrition are stored and processed. 

In an integrated pest management (IPM) program, the combined use of glue traps for mice and rodenticides allows to catch poisoned rodents before their death. This will grant the possibility of removing carcasses before they decompose causing unpleasant inconveniences (bad smells, secondary infestations of necrophagous and saprophagous organisms etc.).

By positioning the mouse trap where rodents pass, they will be caught along the way while travelling from their nest to their food source.

There are 16 products

Mouse trap - Stop Mini
Mouse trap - Topi Stop
Mouse trap - Ultra Stop
Mouse trap - Stop Mini Plastic
Mouse trap - Ecotrap Quadro
Mouse trap Tunnel Trap for Ecotrap Quadro
Rat trap - Ecotrap Rats Plus
Rat trap - Ecotrap Rats Plus
Rat trap - Ecotrap Rats Hot
Tunnel for Ecotrap Rats Plus and Ecotrap Rats Hot
Mouse trap - Refill Board Mouse
Rat trap - Refill Board Rats
Rat trap - Book Rat
Mouse trap - Universal Glueboard
Mouse trap - Universal Glueboard Plastic
Mouse trap - Waterproof Trap