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Nebbiasecca® system

GEA InFogFive years ago GEA s.r.l. succesfully launched Nebbiasecca® on the national and international market. This system is the only ULV system that does not require electric or combustion engines to work. Nebbiasecca® only needs a constant low pressure compressed air (3-4 atm) supply to work.  A patented nozzle, that causes two air-liquid mixture fluxes to collide and create an extremely fine fog (approx 8µm particles), is the heart of the system.

The Nebbiasecca® system is currently used for insecticide treatments in variuos well known italian food companies.

Nebbiasecca® can also be used in mills, animal feedstuff production companies, automatic warehouses and all traditional warehouses. All those places where potentially infested goods (for example hazelnuts, cocoa, pasta, etc…) are stocked can be treated with Nebbiasecca®.
Thanks to the absence of electrical or combustion engines and moving mechanical parts Nebbiasecca® can be used virtually in any environmnet, including ATEX zones where solvents, sugar dust and flour dust and other flammable or explosive materials are present.

Nebbiasecca® guarantees that all droplets of insecticide and water solution are micronized evenly to a diameter of approximately 7-8 µm thus saturating the enviromnets completely and evenly. The reduced size of the droplets grants them a high superficial tension. This allows the droplets to bounce off surfaces without wetting them. Moreover, thanks to the Brownian motion principle, the droplets will also bounce one against the other allowing the fog to spread and cover all cracks and crevices in the treated room.

The ULV technology allows the use of the lowest use of insecticide per dose/area. This improves not only costs but also the impact on the environment.

This very fine micronization is obtained thanks to the patented nozzle. The droplets will remain suspended in the environmnent for 4-6 hours, guaranteing also a "flush-out" effect on the hidden insects.

Nebbiasecca® is a valid alternative to other volumetric treatments like combustion thermal foggers, electric foggers that usually require oily solvents to spread the insecticide in the environment and can be limited by the fact that combustion byproducts are released in a closed area where food can be stocked.

Heat and toxic gas treatments can also be replaced by Nebbiasecca® for the following reasons:
toxic gas treatments are complex to do, expensive, and are extremely time consuming to prepare, which means that production will be stopped in the entire production plant; Heat treatments is also time consuming to set up and carry out and also requires a high number of thermal fans and a full thermal isolation of the treated area.

One single Nebbiasecca® system can treat up to 20.000 square meters up to 15m high. Nebbiasecca® is mounted in a portable metal case and is very easy to move around the production departments. It can be used with any water based insecticide, it does not dirty the treated areas and it does not modify the relative humidity (R.H.) of the environment.


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Portable Nebbiasecca<sup>®</sup> Dryfog system