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Cockroach Trap Line

In an integrated pest management program one of the key points is to understand where the pest infestations are.

GEA's cockroach line offers a wide range of monitoring products made with high quality materials, from cardboard to corrugated plastic, which guarantee a longer duration of the product.
Among the products of the line, we point out GEOTRAP GEL, unique on the market, with attractant gel spread on the glue surface.

The good quality of the glue and the new attractant substances in gel or tablet, together with a proper traps positioning, ensure a high number of catches.

There are 10 products

Geotrap Gel - for cockroaches
Geotrap Gel Mini - for cockroaches
Geotrap Plastic Gel - for cockroaches
Scaratrap 4/l - Cockroaches Trap
Universal Insects - Cockroaches Trap
Food Based Tablet for cockroaches (840 Mg/Pc)
Cockroaches trap - Monitor Guard
Coackroaches trap - Insect Pad for Monitor Guard
Gel Box - Cockroaches trap
Gel Box Mini - Cockroaches trap