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Crawling insect traps

The pest control monitoring aim, made with specific traps, is to obtain immediate answers about the presence of pests in short times.

GEA s.r.l. designed a trap for monitoring crawling food industry pests. Its material and shape will ensure efficacy even against those species which are notoriously hard to catch, thanks to the use of an innovative lure obtained with a mix of highly attractant substances, integrated with a specific pheromone.

3WAY TRAP+ SHIELD is made of a blu plastic base and a plastic cover of the same color. Being blu it is easily detectable in any environment.This plastic "container" will hold the replaceable 3 Way glue trap which is activated with a multi species food attractant + a multi species pheromone lure.

The good reasons to choose 3WAY TRAP + SHIELD

  • It allows to monitor, catch and ecologically eliminate, a variety of food industry pests (Sitophilus spp.;Tribolium spp.; Trogoderma spp.; Oryzaephilus spp.; Lasioderma serricorne; Stegobium paniceum; Pesciolini d'argento; Blatte);
  • Easy to use: just place the cardboard trap in the plastic base and close it with a simple "click". The innovative cover is reusable, and protects the trap from dust and damp, ensuring the effectiveness of the glue for over a month;
  • Easy to remove. It is impossible to get dirty;
  • Dustproof glue;
  • The adhesive surface of the lower and upper part of the trap is spread with parallel glue strips, in order to reduce the risk of the trap getting inactivated by dust.

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