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Moth and Anobiidae Trap

GEA food industry pests trap Line includes the widest range of glue traps and funnel traps for Moth and Anobiidae available on the market.

Glues and materials used for producing moth and anobiidae traps are designed to give good results even in "extreme" conditions, such as dusty and damp places, or outdoor areas.

By combining moth and anobiidae traps with pheromone dispensers belonging to GEA's Pheromone Line, i'ts possible to constantly control the presence of target insects in the monitored areas.

There are 17 products

Easy Trap - Moth trap
Easy Trap Phero Pack - Moth trap
Anobiidi trap - Moth trap
Multitrap - Moth trap
Store Trap - Moth trap
Lepibag - Moth trap
Lepibag Replace Bag - Moth trap
Politrap - Moth trap
Moth Hanger - Moth trap
Geo Pad Green - Moth trap
Geo Pad Blue - Moth trap
Omnia Trap Box - Moth trap
Omnia Trap Glueboard - Moth trap
Omnia Trap Lid - Moth Trap
Delta Trap - Moth Trap
Delta Trap Glueboard - for Moth trap
Red Palm Weevil Trap Moth Trap (Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus)