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Legal Notes

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How to place an order

1. Send the order by fax to: 0039-02-00665233 or by e-mail to the following address:
2. The order must state the correct product identification code, the quantity and the agreed price for each item.
3. Minimum order quantity: 200€ (orders will be accepted for multiples of outer boxes i.e. the sales unit).
4. The customer will send a signed and stamped copy of the pro-forma invoice back to GEA for acceptance.


The material in this publication is for your general information only. Whilst GEA endeavours to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the contents of this publication, it does not accept any responsibility for loss occasioned as a result of reliance placed on any part of its contents. Your use of this publication is governed by the conditions of GEA. GEA reserves the rights to make changes to the products contained in the catalogue without prior notification. Products may be withdrawn or replaced in order to comply with changes to registrations or usage guidelines. Products may differ from images shown in catalogue and on website. E&OE.