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InPest Professional Line

InPest Professional Line

InPest is the line of professional products for disinfestation designed and manufactured by GEA for all those who operate and work every day for the rodent and pest control, for private and public environments.

The GEA’s range of products includes systems for pest controlling specific for each pest:

  •   Glue trap line for mice and rats;
  •   Mouse and rat boxes line;
  •   Bed Bug line;
  •   Cockroach line;
  •   Moth and anobiidae line;
  •   Pheromones line;
  •   Crawling insect line;
  •   Fruit fly, fly, wasp line;
  •   U. V. fly killer machine line;
  •   Fluorescent tube line;
  •   Biocides line.