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InVerde - Retail Line

InVerde line is the ideal for safeguarding and protecting houses from infestants

InVerde - Retail Line

InVerde is the new brand proposed by GEA on the market with monitoring devices for houses (Urban Pest Control). InVerde is designed for collecting and understanding a range of pest control solutions for domestic use to combat pests and parasites.

Flies, cockroaches, silverfish, moths (moths food), clothes moths and rodents are the main targets against whom InVerde works.

Products offered by InVerde are easy and ready for use. Some products are produced with the addition of specific pheromone or attractant to increase the effectiveness against the insect  target.

What the final user has to do is simply open the package, in some cases assemble the trap, and place it wherever necessary by following the instructions posted in the case.

InVerde line products are not dangerous for health of children and pets, because they simply use glues without solvent and biocide. Materials used for the production of traps are natural and ecological.

The InVerde line can be customized according to the needs and desires of customers. Graphics of products can be designed and realized ad hoc, both with regard to the trap as for the packaging.