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InVerde line

InVerde is the brand born to meet the requirements and needs of retail trade.

This line of products for housewife pest control has been developed to satisfy the growing market demand, more and more attentive toward ecology and environmental protection. The pest control products of the InVerde line, developed and manufactured on specific assumptions regarding the chemistry and entomology, have been designed to combat the house pests, in the most effective and natural way possible.

Each new product is strictly checked in the Quality Control Laboratory within the company. GEA also executes tests of stability and efficacy in external laboratories.

Currently the company has the requirements and the technical expertise to make each product complies with European regulations on biocides. In recent years GEA has invested and continues to invest many resources in implementing advanced and automated plants, in order to ensure the maximum efficiency and flexibility of its production lines and, at the same time, to ensure the highest product quality.