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The specialists in Disinfestation and Pest Control

Since 1994 GEA works to create healthier environments and safer by the pest control

The specialists in Disinfestation and Pest Control

Since 1994, the GEA’s mission is to study and implement systems of pest control and monitoring devices for the storage pests and for the environments such sexual pheromones, sticky traps, lamps UV emissions, as well as systems of disinfestation and innovative disinfection and low toxicity biocides.

The proper knowledge of technological resources and the most effective tools in the pest control and disinfestation field, allows GEA to design and develop products and pest control systems able to act in a resolutive and effective way in any situation of pests, always respecting and preserving healthiness of spaces and of those who live them daily.

InPest and InVerde, valuable allies in the fight against pests

To meet the increasingly demanding needs of customers, GEA has developed two innovative product lines, specific for each kind of market:

  • InPest, the line designed to meet needs of professional pest control;
  • InVerde, the line of products designed and manufactured to meet needs of the retail network (GDO, GDS).

A small summary step by step of the GEA’s history

  • 1994: GEA srl is founded;
  • 2001: GEA srl sells its pest control branch to Rentokil and focuses on the production of pest control products;
  • 2004: GEA srl moves to its new 1400 sqm premises in Via E. Fermi in Settimo Milanese (Milan);
  • 2005: acquisition of a new plant for spreading glue;
  • 2008: GEA srl enters the Consumer / Retail market with its products;
  • 2010: GEA srl gets its UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification (also for production);
  • 2011: a new production line and a new packaging line are acquired;
  • 2012: a new 1200 sqm warehouse is acquired. The whole logistics and sales teams will be moved to this new building;
  • 2014-2015 acquisition of a business unit from LTS (Germany) for the production of insects, flies, and moths traps.